I view service as equally important as teaching and research for scholars.  I’ve given my time and expertise at the departmental, college, university, and professional level, as well as to community causes.

Professional service activities include reviewing manuscripts for scholarly conferences and publications, reviewing textbook proposals for academic publishers, and involvement in conference planning and execution.

In the community, I donate my time and expertise to a variety of causes, including LGBT organizations, the American Cancer Society, and the Texas Boys State program.

Also, I see popular press venues and media commentary as important vehicles for academics to relate research to the public and to speak out against injustice. I have contributed to popular blogs, such as Henry Jenkins’ blog and Jeff Howe’s crowdsourcing blog, and I have given interviews to TIME, Campus Technology Magazine, the Sacramento Bee, the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune, the News & Observer, Publico, radio programs in New York City, Connecticut and Washington, DC, and other venues.