Next Stop Design

Looking for This page is a temporary placeholder for the archived project site. It will be hosted again on a new server in Summer 2013. If you have urgent questions regarding the project, please contact the project leader, Daren Brabham.


About the Project

Next Stop Design was funded by the U.S. Federal Transit Administration, awarded in 2008, as part of its Public Transportation Participation Pilot Program, to support innovations in public participation. Thomas W. Sanchez served as the principal investigator on the project, and Daren Brabham served as the project leader. The project was the focus of Brabham’s Ph.D. dissertation research. Mike Davie designed and built the website.

The goal of the project was to test the crowdsourcing model in a public participation process for transit planning at the neighborhood scale. The project ran in two phases–phase 1 in late 2009 and phase 2 in early 2010. Phase 1 asked users to design bus stop shelters for a major transfer hub in the Utah Transit Authority’s bus system. Phase 2, a much shorter and smaller-scale project, asked users to offer input on a major intersection in the Sugarhouse neighborhood of Salt Lake City.

Project Outcomes

  • Young, C. (moderator), Bregman, S., Litvak, J. F., Wood, J., & Brabham, D. C. (panelists). (2009, October). New media / new tools. Panel presented at Rail~Volution 2009, Boston, MA.
  • Brabham, D. C., Sanchez, T. W., & Bartholomew, K. (2010). Crowdsourcing public participation in transit planning: Preliminary results from the Next Stop Design case. In TRB 89th annual meeting compendium of papers (DVD, report no. 10-3730). Washington, DC: Transportation Research Board of the National Academies.
  • Brabham, D. C. (with Sanchez, T. W., & Bartholomew, K.). (2010, March). Integrating previously uninvolved stakeholders in an online public participation program: The Next Stop Design case. Paper presented at the 2010 Stakeholder Engagement Conference, online.
  • Garland, J. J., Locantore, J. K., Ramasubramanian, L., & Brabham, D. C. (panelists). (2010, April). Applying technology to transit planning. Panel presented at the annual meeting of the American Planning Association, New Orleans, LA.
  • Brabham, D. C. (2010). Crowdsourcing as a model for problem solving: Leveraging the collective intelligence of online communities for public good. Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, University of Utah (directed by Joy Pierce), Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Brabham, D. C. (2012, October). Crowdsourcing, participation, and public services. Presentation given to the University of Edinburgh Business School, Edinburgh, UK.
  • Brabham, D. C. (2012). Managing unexpected publics online: The challenge of targeting specific groups with the wide-reaching tool of the Internet. International Journal of Communication, 6, 1139-1158. Available online:
  • Brabham, D. C. (2012). Motivations for participation in a crowdsourcing application to improve public engagement in transit planning. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 40(3), 307-328.
  • Brabham, D. C. (2012). The effectiveness of crowdsourcing public participation in a planning context. First Monday, 17(12). Available online:


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