11 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing

  1. I enjoyed your latest entry about the airline attendant and thought you made some good points about JetBlue’s handling of the situation. They have proven themselves to be innovative in many areas of customer and public relations. Without getting into politics, the Democratic Party could use a dose of this PR strategy.

    I also thought your page on crowdsourcing was useful and interesting. As an individual running an upstart online media company which is and will be contributing to the mix of online material, it is useful for me to find information that exams the trends–both good and bad. The material of this WWW world is expanding so quickly that it is often difficult to know how to navigate for clients especially when trying to produce virally, economically.

  2. Just wondering if you consider Apple’s iPhone app shop an example of crowdsourcing or not? Apple make an ‘open call’ of sorts for developers to produce iPhone/iPad ‘apps’ and millions of developers do so in accordance with Apple’s toolkit. The developers are effectively the crowd and Apple do not really dictate what apps for each developer to design although they have a final say in what goes into the app shop. So not all of those apps are selected for sale and many selected may never sell so the chance of making money is risky. Seems to be a business model that could be considered crowdsourcing or maybe not?

  3. I must say that this is a phenomenal resource for crowdsourcing. When I need to come up with some ideas I’ll definitely come back here to look through the references in more detail. thanks!

  4. I am preparing an article for a local publication on the challenges facing small business in the changing digital environment. There is so much information on impact on retail but a lot less on impact for the services sector. I found this page very helpful. Thanks!

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