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A New Blog for Crowdsourcing Stuff

I started a companion blog,, for my book, which was published just a few days ago. This blog is where I’ll keep my crowdsourcing posts and keep the dialogue going about crowdsourcing in the future.

I’ll save this blog for professional development posts and personal news. So if you want to read about crowdsourcing, go check out/subscribe to my new blog.

Kicking it Off

It’s time to get this blog going, and I’m going to try really, really hard to update it frequently. I’ve failed at blogging several times, but this time I think I’m in the right “space” to do it well.

I started my job as an assistant professor in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at UNC-Chapel Hill on July 1, and I’m trying to embrace my new identity as a professor rather than as a slave grad student. As such, I think I’ll have a bit more time to do some good blogging, and I hope some of the stuff I blog about can be fleshed out into full-length papers, teaching materials, and other productive stuff. I’m no Henry Jenkins, but I admire his blog and the way he uses his blog to launch papers and host debates.

In this blog, I hope to write about a variety of issues. Some of them will be about my personal life, my experiences as a new dog owner, my experiences in North Carolina, and so on. And surely I’ll devote some posts in this blog to political news and current events. But I want a hefty amount of this blog to tackle issues in communication theory and research, professional development issues for graduate students, and other topics in the industry of academia.

Hopefully I can sustain this blog. We’ll see. Enjoy.

Welcome to My New Site

I’m transitioning my old school HTML site ( to this one. I’m also hoping I’ll have the patience to really blog this time…for reals. Stay tuned.


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